Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deer, birds, geese and a candy wrapper

My dog is an early riser.  I have tried for years to convince him that 7:30 or even 7:00 is a perfectly acceptable time for him to do his morning business.  I have had limited success.  So it wasn't surprising, really, when this morning I heard him politely clearing his throat at 5:30am.  I rolled over and stared down at him, his front paws on the edge of the bed.  "You realize it is waaay too early to get up, don't you?" I ask him.  "Yes, Mummy, it is quite early, but I rather badly need to go outside," he replied.  I should mention here that my dog is unfailingly polite...he is, after all, an English Cocker Spaniel, and as such does not use American slang or contractions.  Early on my son thought he might possibly have a less refined accent, but my daughter pointed out that no one with a name like Ridgebury's Uptown Debonair could possible have a Cockney accent.  We have since learned she is correct.  "Fine!" I grumble as I get up, trudge into the bathroom to splash some water on my face, then to the door to done a sweatshirt, gloves and scarf.  As I open the door, I see it is raining.  I have to try again.  "We could, you know, wait until this eases off a bit before we walk".  "Hmmm," he says.  "Remember this summer when we were driving across the desert and it was unbearably hot?  You stopped so that we could walk about a bit.  And I suggested I could wait until it cooled down a little, perhaps around midnight.  And you said no, we have to stop now.  And I said, but Mummy, the pavement is terribly hot.  And you said..."   "Fine!" I grumble again, stepping out into the downpour.  In all fairness I should mention that it was actually just a fine mist but to my sleep deprived grumpy mind it had assumed the properties of a monsoon. I can tell right away that this will not be a short walk.  Not only does Colton not mind the rain (it's that British thing again) he is never one to just go out, find a bush and lift his leg.  No, no.  If one bush is good, then 30 must be wonderful. So we slowly make our way down the walkway to the sidewalk, heading toward a large patch of grass on the other side of the complex, stopping so that he can examine each bush, rock and several cars.  As we get close to the grass, I can hear a cacophony of birdsong exploding from the oak tree at the edge of the lawn.  It's amazingly loud and, I have to admit, really beautiful.  Added to the song is the call of one of the three huge crows sitting atop the fence surrounding the community trash bin, alerting other crows that breakfast is served.  As we amble across the lawn, I glance up to the slight rise on the other side of the fence and gazing back at me are 2 deer, being still as only deer can be. We look at each other for a bit, then one of them drops her head down to resume nibbling on the ample grass, while the other turns and faces me head on and gives a little snort, accompanied by a stamp of her front feet.  "Sorry!" I call to her. "Carry on."  I turn away to show her I am no threat and suddenly I see a flock of Canadian geese flying in formation off to my right.  I hear them now, their loud honking startling in the early morning.  I realize even the birds and the crows are silent as the geese wing their way overheard, changing direction several times, dipping and weaving their way thru unseen air currents.  My dog has stopped moving and I look down to see if he, too, is enjoying this early morning splendor only to find that he has come upon an abandoned Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapper and is eagerly sniffing over every inch of it in the hopes that there is a little candy left.  I find myself grinning in delight at the crows, the birds, the deer and the geese, and laugh out loud at the sheer absurdity of my dog and the candy wrapper that is now stuck to his nose. 

He finishes his business and we walk back to the apartment...well, I walk, he trots a happy little jig, well pleased with how the morning has gone.  As I give him his Milk Bone for a job well done I say to him "Listen up, Bud.  Just because we went out early this morning, we are not, I repeat NOT going to make a habit of this.  There is no guarantee the birds and the deer and the geese will be there again and zero chance that the candy wrapper will still be on the ground!" He doesn't say anything, still happily munching his treat, but I think he rolls his eyes at me.  "Dumb dog," I mumble, reaching down to give him a quick rub on the top of his head and, since I am already bending over, a longer rub of his ears.  As I turn away to start the Keurig going for my morning caffeine fix, I swear I hear him chuckle. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Football Season!

I have been so busy these past few weeks with unpacking and organizing in addition to working my regular job, that sometimes it seemed as though all I could do was fall onto my couch at the end of the day.  Finally, after being in the apartment for about a month, my living room is livable, I have dishes and silverware in the kitchen, artwork and mirrors on the wall, and clothes hanging in the closet.  I also have a gazillion unopened boxes in the 2nd bedroom, but I am getting good at not focusing on them!  Because now it's September which means it's Football Season! Years ago, when my son was about 13, he and I began a tradition that we continue to this day...our weekly football pool. Each Fall I buy a brand new notebook to record our predictions and successes.  Every Sunday we list all the games and make our picks, then, fortifying ourselves with junk food, turn on the TV and spend the day in an orgy of Football.  Because we live in a state that does not have a pro team, we used to get whatever game the powers that be chose for us. Since we live close to both Seattle and Denver, that usually meant the Seahawks and Broncos. But now we have an amazing cable channel...the Red Zone!  The channel is only active on Sunday and shows every red zone opportunity in a whip around format.  Instead of waiting impatiently thru the sometimes yawn inspiring televised game, waiting for updates from games we actually want to see, we get to see every single touchdown with no commercial breaks.  As soon as a team moves out of the red zone or if the game goes to replays, it switches to another game.   If more than one game is about to score, they split the screen. It's fun, fast, can be completely confusing and costs a mere $5.45 a month!  It and the DVR have greatly increased our enjoyment of the game.  With a DVR, if we really need another view of that incredible 60 yard run, we can rewind it and see it again and again and again.  That feature has settled many a spirited discussion about whether it was a fumble or incomplete pass, whether or not the runner stepped out of bounds before crossing the goal line, whether it was off sides or a false start.  Don't get me wrong, I have been to live football games, both college and professional, and have enjoyed the camaraderie, the festive atmosphere, the cheering and sometimes deafening noise that follows when you get 50,000+ people in one place.  But today's at home experience is so amazing that I have to say I enjoy it much more than live, in-stadium viewing. Instead of climbing down the bleachers and waiting in a long line for the bathroom, thereby missing what is sure to be the play of the game, with the click of a button I can pause the game, do whatever needs to be done, then resume it, comfortably seated on my couch. 

When my dad was alive, he and I used to watch college football on Saturdays...no remote control, no DVR...just him and me and a small TV.  I miss my dad and I miss those Saturdays with him.  But he loved technology and I know he would have loved the ability to control the viewing of the games the way we can now.  He would have loved the football pool, too, but he probably would have won every week.  Where I sometimes choose a team just because I want them to win or because I really don't like the other team, he would have made his choices based on the best chances for the outcome. My son is that way, too.  No matter how much he really wants the Raiders to win, he will choose the team he thinks will win.  I think it's a guy thing. When my daughter used to participate, she would sometimes choose her winners based on mascots...and sometimes she won. 

This is the 19th season for our football pool.  Who would have thought that what started as a way for me to spend some time with a teenage son, much the same way my dad began watching college ball with a teenage daughter, would still be an important part of my life all these years later. This Sunday and every Sunday between now and the end of the season, I will sit on my couch, remote control in hand, watching football with my son, thinking of my dad.  There are worse ways to spend my time, but not many better.